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PPG Platinum Distributor

PPG Platinum Plus Distributors form a special network of distributors who share the common objective of providing exceptional sales, service and support to PPG refinish customers.

A PPG Platinum Distributor employs highly skilled and experienced sales and technical staff who know the automotive repair industry and can provide information and support to repairers on products, processes and services that PPG offer.

Aquapel® Vehicle Glass Treatment

Aquapel Glass Treatment, developed and patented by PPG Industries originally for the aviation market, is applied to the exterior of vehicle glass, leaving the windshield and window surfaces water-resistant. Aquapel forms a fluoro-polymer bond with the glass that withstands abrasion by wiper blades, car washes and squeegees and lasts up to 6 times longer (4-6 months) than silicone-based products.
Installed in a matter of minutes by an easily trained technician without tools or equipment, the treatment can remarkably improve vision in rain, sleet and snow and eases snow, ice and insect removal. Raindrops bead up and roll off the windshield and other vehicle glass. Glare is also reduced, especially at night. Studies show the result is better driving vision and increased time to react to road hazards.

Aquapel is not available from retail stores as a do-it-yourself product but is professionally applied. The product comes packaged in a Professional Installer Kit with 24 Aquapel Glass Treatment applicators, static cling stickers to record the application date, consumer sales brochures, mirror hangers and the application instructions. It can be used as a promotional item for your customers and insurance agents.

When drivers see how Aquapel improves their visibility and promotes safer driving, they'll return for periodic re-applications and refer their friends and family.

™ Network

™ Network It takes more than quality repairs to attract and satisfy today's customers. That's why more than 900 collision centers have chosen to participate in the CertifiedFirst™ Network. By meeting high standards for customer satisfaction, facilities and services, CertifiedFirst™ Network-approved shops take advantage of national and local marketing initiatives, as well as innovative business development programs - all targeted to attract more business and turn estimates into repair orders!

Be the "repairer of choice" with insurers and consumers in your market.
Sign up with the CertifiedFirst™ Network today!

For more information, contact us, call 1-866-CERT-1ST or visit www.certifiedfirst.com

Since 1994 PPG has brought together thousands of collisions centers to benchmark their performance and share best practices. Practically every shop size, ownership structure, and market, has been explored in North America and Europe to identify forward thinking collision centers to learn what they are doing differently and better.

PPG Certified+

PPG Technical Training/Management Training
These links will take you to a Collision Center Matrix that provides a training path for the various employees in a collision center. Each of the courses have a complete course description that explain who should attend, what topics are covered, what you will receive at the end of the program, and the course length listed in days.

Services - Urban Paint
Products Include:
  • Clearcoats
  • Basecoats
  • Color Mixing Systems
  • Urethane
  • Enamels
  • Fleet Finishes
  • Light Industrial Coatings
  • Paint Additives
  • Plastic Body Fillers
  • Puttie
  • Primers/Primer
  • Surfacers/Primer
  • Sealers
  • Reducers
  • Thinners
  • Rubbing Compounds
  • Surface Prep Products
  • Vinyl Color
Urban paint is a distributor and wholesaler of paint and paint products. Urban Paint, a platinum distributor by PPG has been serving the upstate New York markets since 1984.

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