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Paul D. Ertel- President- paul@urbanpaint.com
Diane S. Ertel-
Vice President diane@urbanpaint.com
Steve Ertel -
General Manager- steve@urbanpaint.com
Kevin Grosskopf -
Manager- kevin@urbanpaint.com
Fred Dorner -
Manager- fred@urbanpaint.com
Ryan Mahoney -
Manager- ryan@urbanpaint.com
Bud Bly-
Sales- bud@urbanpaint.com
Mark Stahl-
Sales- mark@urbanpaint.com
Ray Birch-
Technical Support- ray@urbanpaint.com
Charlie Renna-
Sales- charlie@urbanpaint.com

Urban Paint Staff
Urban paint is a distributor and wholesaler of paint and paint products. Urban Paint, a platinum distributor by PPG has been serving the upstate New York markets since 1984.

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